The 37th Annual Gllangcolme

Tennis Festival

will be hosted June 19th- 23rd 2019,  at Langford Tennis Club

Hi everyone, 

There are no matches on Wednesday.  Dinner tickets are available for $40/person if you would like to bring a guest.  Tournament Phone is 778-535-5082. 

The times are completed throughout, however, that may change as I’ll keep sending updates each night after the matches have completed.  Be fair, be respectful, and have fun!!!



·        Players must be available to play at least one weekday evening (Wed, Thur, or Fri) and all day Saturday and Sunday, no exceptions.


·        This tournament is not sanctioned.

·        The ball is in, if any part of the ball touches the line.  If there is a dispute between team players (one thinks in, one thinks out), then the ball is considered in and the point goes to the opponents.


·        Teams are guaranteed three matches.

·        Play will begin at:
   5:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
   8:30am on Saturday and Sunday


·         All matches will be the best two out of three sets as follows:

    • In Semi-Finals and Finals matches, the 3rd set will be normal set to 6 games, with 12 point tiebreak at 6-6.

(First team to 7, winning by 2 points).

    • In all other matches, 3rd Set will be a SUPER 10-POINT tiebreaker (first team to 10, winning by 2 points).


·        Players are responsible for ascertaining their own match times and will be expected to play when scheduled.


·        Players should report to the tournament desk at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match time.

    • Players more than 15 minutes late will be defaulted.

·        Maximum 7 minutes for warm-up.

·        Proper tennis attire must be worn, including non-marking shoes.

·        Refunds will not be issued after draw has been distributed to players.


In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend, and/or cancel the event.     


GLLANGCOLME Tennis Festival Committee (Sue, Judy, and Tracy)