The 37th Annual Gllangcolme

Tennis Festival

will be hosted June 19th- 23rd 2019,  at Langford Tennis Club

Hi All,

2018 was a huge success as far as fun and participation. No, not everyone was able to walk away with a special bottle of purple gin, but there were smiles everywhere even after heart-breaking losses.

I always believe competition does not need to overshadow good sportsmanship. This tournament proves that competition and sportsmanship can co-exist!

Anyway, I did receive lots of compliments regarding the tournament (not my playing unfortunately, LOL), but I don't deserve it all.

While I appreciate those compliments, obviously, there were some people who worked harder than I behind the scenes--Judy Huff, Sue Grandmaison, and my very supportive Husband, Carmine. Other people who helped a ton were Larry Huff, Sandi Johnson, Catherine Garcia, Diana Jones, with Al Thorn and Brian Holton (and their teams)! We all appreciate their graciousness with their time and energy!

We also appreciate the sponsors of the gifts-Sidney Pier Hotel, Bear Mountain Tennis, Victoria Distillers, G. Rees/Judy and Larry Huff, Dave Pentland, Courtside Sports, , Ranjan McArther, Brian Holton, Jennifer Polz, Everything Wine, Rada Resurfacing and Westshore Recreation Golf.

We hope you will return next year!

Thanks, Tracy Antonacci, Tournament Director